For appointments:
      +7 (7172) 62-11-00


Specialized consultation

The Center offers a consultation of the following doctors: neurosurgeons, neurologists, ophthalmologist, ENT doctor, cardiologist, urologist.

    Make an appointment you can from 8.00 to 17.00 hours, Monday - Friday:

    +7 (7172) 62 11 00

    +7 701 062 11 00 (whatsapp only)

    Admission hours: 8.00 to 16.20 (except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) .

    For consultation with a neurosurgeon at the Centre you should have:

    • quality MRI images (preferably made on the unit capacity of at least 1.5 Tesla), not older than 2-3 months;

    • if the patient was previously held any treatment , it is necessary to have an extract from the history of the disease;

    • identification document

    If necessary, in our treatment rooms, we provide the following services :

    • Intravenous bolus preparations

    • Intravenous drip drugs

    • Subcutaneous injection

    • Intramuscular " injection " drugs

    • Measurement of blood pressure

    • Blood sampling

    • paravertebral blocks

    All of these medical procedures can be performed as prescribed by a doctor working at our Center and by appointment specialists from other clinics. You have the opportunity to apply to the treatment room for the necessary manipulations to you, and at a convenient time for you. These procedures can be done without an appointment.