List of MRI services (3 Tesla, 1.5 Tesla):

  •     Magnetic resonance imaging of the head ( the pituitary gland , brain, sinuses );
  •     Magnetic resonance angiography and magnetic resonance angiography with contrast ( MRI of the brain vessels ( arteries and veins ) and neck ;
  •     Magnetic resonance imaging of the spine and spinal cord ( cervical MRI , MRI of the thoracic , lumbar MRI in any combination , MRI sacroiliac joint );
  •     Magnetic resonance angiography with contrast ;

MRI can detect :

  •     neoplasms (benign , malignant , metastases );
  •     inflammation ( both acute and chronic );
  •     traumatic , post-traumatic , post-operative changes ;
  •     vascular pathology ;
  •     dystrophic and degenerative changes , atrophic processes , developmental abnormalities .   

Contraindications to MRI

Absolute contraindications to MRI :

  •     artificial cardiac pacemaker ( can go into an asynchronous operation under the influence of a gradient magnetic field );
  •     prosthetic heart valves ;
  •     inability to keep still for the patient during the examination .
  •     intracranial ferromagnetic haemostatic clips cerebral vessels ( the displacement of the vessel may be damaged and bleeding) ;
  •     aortic clips ;
  •     electrodes ;
  •     ferromagnetic metal implants ;
  •     Metal in the anatomical region to be examined ( metal plates , distracters , etc.);
  •     periorbital ferromagnetic foreign bodies ( the displacement may cause damage of the eyeball );
  •     ferromagnetic or electronic middle ear implants ;
  •     severe claustrophobia ;

Relative contraindications to MRI :

  •     mild claustrophobia ;
  •     epilepsy, schizophrenia ;
  •     pregnancy (especially in the first trimester );
  •     decompensated heart failure ;
  •     Hemostatic clips other localization ;
  •     implanted nerve stimulators or diversion ;
  •     an insulin pump;
  •     extremely serious condition of the patient ;
  •     The need for physiological monitoring;
  •     limiting the patient's weight ( not more than 120 kg).

    Typically, MRI does not require any special training. The technique of MRI is placing the patient in a horizontal position into a narrow tunnel scanner , the time depends on the type of study ( 25-40 minutes). The patient should keep perfectly still studied anatomy .

    Some MRI images obtained by injecting a contrast solution through a vein in your arm. MRI is a painless procedure and only its duration and the noise generated during MRI scanning can deliver impressionable people some inconvenience . To drown out the noise, you will be given headphones. During the study, breathe calmly , you will be under constant supervision of our staff and will be able at any time to inform them about the deterioration of your health with a special alarm button. Personal items , jewelery and valuables , clothing containing metal and electromagnetic devices are not allowed in the MRI scan room .

    To improve diagnostic efficiency MRI , patients are advised to bring the data from previous MRI studies , other methods of radiation , laboratory or functional diagnostics, as well as hospital records or referrals from physicians indicating the area and research objectives .

    At the end of the study, patients given description of the study protocol in writing. Together with the protocol you will be given a CD -ROM can be viewed on any computer. CD-ROM is the most complete information and may need to track and compare the changes in control examinations , consultations and other medical institutions , send electronically to other centers and abroad.

In our Center research is conducted 9.00-20.00 Monday-Friday by appointment and clearly laid out on time, however , the beginning of the study may be biased if the department will deliver the patient with a serious illness with a hospital. Surveys conducted by highly neuroradiology , trained in leading foreign clinics with extensive practical experience.

Head of the Department: Dr. Baiturlin Zhanibek, MD.

     To make an appoinment:    +7 (7172) 62 11 00, +7 701 062 11 00 (whatsapp only) .