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The National Center of Neurosurgery is the leading clinic in Central Asia having accreditation of JCI (Joint Commission International, the USA), provides all complex of modern medical and diagnostic, surgical and recovery services in the field of neurosurgery. Successful results in treatment of patients are promoted by exact diagnosis, correctly picked up methods of effective treatment, professional performance of surgeries, high level of postoperative leaving and rehabilitation. Receiving exact diagnosis is promoted by use of the unique medical equipment, such as the magnetic and resonant tomograph, use of powerful operative microscopes, modern neuronavigation instruments and neuroendoscopes, stereotaxic systems allows to carry out effective neurosurgical treatment and to avoid possible complications.

      The qualified help to the adults and children having is given in the center at the highest level:

  • Benign and malignant oncological pathology of head, spinal cord and backbone;

  • Congenital anomaly of development of brain, backbone and spinal cord;

  •  Degenerative diseases of backbone, including hernias of intervertebral disks, spondylolisthesis, stenosis of the vertebral channel, spinal instability;

  •  Vascular diseases of the central nervous system, including aneurisms and vascular malformation, carotid and cavernous anastomosis, arteriovenous fistulas of vessels of brain, stenoses, occlusions of vessels of the head and neck;

  •  Functional frustration - Parkinson's illness, essential tremor, dystonia, epilepsy, neuralgia of cranial nerves, hemifacial spasm, spastic states and pain syndromes.