Useful links

Useful links

All medicine in the Internet -

The Russian medical server - (collection of references to different resources on neurology and neurosurgery) -

Institutes of neurosurgery

Internet Journals

Medical search engines

Medical Internet libraries

Online translators

References to databases for information research of new medical technologies

Data and statistics

1) Agency of statistics of Canada -

2) The official site of Ministry of health and social development of the Republic of Kazakhstan -

Clinical tests:

1) Clinical http://www.

2) Portal of clinical tests of IFPMA: http://www.

Health care economy

1) Database of economic assessment of NHS: http://www

2) Center of economy of health care and analysis of policy (CHEPA):

3) Center of research and assessment of economy://

4) Department of research of economy, Aberdeen:

5) Institute of economy of health care of

6) Electronic library of the Network of research of social science:

7) Guide to calculation: http://www