Research work 

Since 2015 within the budget program 217 "Development of science", subprogrammes 102 "Grant financing of scientific researches" is carried out research work on the following subjects: 

1. "The clinical importance of IDH-1 of dependent molecular markers and hematologic indicators of system inflammation at patients with brain gliomas"; 

2. "Research of genetic markers for assessment of the forecast of disease at aneurisms of vessels of brain in the Kazakh population"; 

3. "Development of new approach for recovery of the injured spinal cord by means of transplantation of peripheral nerve and hydrogel on the basis of the hyaluronic acid containing autologous mesenchymal stem cells, neurotrophic growth factors and chondroitinase of ABC". 

In JSC NCN the department of management of scientific researches functions. The purpose of work of department of management of scientific researches is coordination of scientific activity of Society, search of new projects and the directions, information and consulting support of new and current scientific works, studying of modern experience of world medical science, implementation in practice of results of scientific activity. 

The main objectives of department of management of scientific researches are:

1) ensuring competitiveness of Society in research space; 

2) information and advisory assistance in planning and coordination of research activity of structural divisions of Society, JSC National Medical Holding, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and also for AOO "Nazarbaev Universitet"; 

3) methodical providing in increase of efficiency of the innovation activity of Society on the basis of monitoring of the modern high and high technologies providing production of competitive products and samples of new equipment; 

4) interaction with government and non-governmental organizations, the international cooperation on scientific researches in health care;

5) search of non-budgetary sources of financing of research works and rendering information and methodical providing in receiving new research grants, interaction with their organizers, coordination of structural divisions and the certain staff of Society within works on projects; 

6) providing conditions for legal protection and commercial implementation of the objects of intellectual property of Society created as a result of scientific and technical activity of divisions and the staff of Society.