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Neurosurgical treatment of a wide range of brain tumors

Neurosurgical treatment of a wide range of brain tumors

Brain tumors are considered to be a broad group of neoplasms, which includes gliomas, meningiomas, medulloblastomas, neuromas, and so on. The benign and malignant tumors are distinguished. Benign tumors grow slowly and do not spread to other tissues. Malignant tumors, in contrast, quickly spread to healthy brain tissue. There are also so-called secondary tumors. They are metastasis, penetrated into the brain due to cancer of other organs. Our Centre is specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of a broad spectrum of brain tumors. It uses highly specialized treatment methods that allow the most complex and not traumatic minimally invasive surgery for removal of tumors. Neurosurgeons of our Centre are guided by world standards and guidelines, working in close collaboration with colleagues from the world’s leading clinics, sharing the experience and constantly improving the results of surgical procedures. High qualification of medical personnel and operational technologies are the key to successful treatment of the most complex pathologies of the brain.


  • benign and malignant brain tumors
  • pituitary adenoma
  • meningioma, neurinomas
  • brain development abnormalities
  • intracranial hematoma
  • cysts of the brain
  • hydrocephalus of various etiologies
  • metastatic lesions of the brain
  • parasitic brain lesions


  • Microsurgical removal of tumors of the brain and skull bones with the use of intraoperative neuromonitoring
  • Microsurgical biopsy of lumps on the brain and the skull bones
  • Endoscope-assisted microsurgical removal of skull base tumors
  • Endoscopic removal of tumors of the brain and skull bones using neuronavigation system
  • Endoscopic biopsy of tumors of the brain and skull bones using a stereotactic system
  • Endoscopic removal of pituitary adenomas through transnasal access using neuronavigation system
  • Endovascular embolization of brain tumor, followed by microsurgical excision
  • Implantation in hydrocephalus shunt systems of various etiologies
  • Endoscopic ventriculocisternostomy at hydrocephalus of various etiologies
  • Decompression craniotomy
  • Cranioplasty using different materials

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