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Diagnosis of neurosurgical and neurological diseases

Diagnosis of neurosurgical and neurological diseases

Our Center renders to patients exact diagnostics of neurologic and neurosurgical pathology. Our doctors are capable to analyse a clinical picture and to tap the main thing – disturbance of the central and peripheric nervous system and as a result – a serious disease. In an arsenal of the center a set of the researches allowing not only to tap this or that pathology, but also to define its reason:

  • MRT – a magnetic resonance tomography – the research occupying more than time in comparison with KT, but giving more sharp image of structure of an organ. 
  • MRA – a magnetic resonance angiography, serves for visualization of vessels of a brain. 
  • Ultrasonic Doppler scanning of vessels – the method taping a stenosis and other pathologies of carotids. 
  • Elektrneyromiografiya is the complex electrophysiologic research necessary for definition of a functional condition of a peripheric nervous system and muscles.
  • Electroencephalography – a non-invasive research of a functional condition of a brain. 
  • Echoencephalography – a bystry and safe method of identification of changes of intracranial structures. 
  • Cerebral angiography – X-ray inspection of veins and arteries of a brain. 
  • ECG - an electrocardiography - the simplest and available method of identification of disturbances in work of heart.
  • Echocardiography - the US method referred on a research of morphological and functional changes of heart and its valval device.
  • The spirography - definitions of function of external respiration for confirmation of the diagnosis bronchial asthma. 
  • Duplex scanning - the most informative modern diagnostic method of disturbances of a cerebral circulation allowing to estimate not only functional indicators of a blood flow, but also anatomic changes of a vessel (permeability, a condition of a wall, flexures, malformation, etc.).
  • Digital roentgen - inspection which is used for diagnostics of diseases of organs of a thorax, joints and bones, a backbone.

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