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Complex rehabilitation after stroke, trauma, and surgical interventions

Complex rehabilitation after stroke, trauma, and surgical interventions

The unit of neuroaftertreatment of the National center of neurosurgery offers the comprehensive rehabilitational program and carries out physical, psychological and social aftertreatment of patients with neurosurgical and neurologic pathology. In unit complex recovery treatment of patients with a wide range of pathologies of the central and peripheric nervous system is performed: motive disorders after strokes, injuries of a head and spinal cord; damages of a peripheric nervous system and cerebrovascular pathology; speech and cognitive disturbances. In the program of neuroaftertreatment of unit multidisciplinary approach, the unique rehabilitational and physiotherapeutic equipment is used.The staff of the Department consists of a multidisciplinary team of experienced physicians, neurologists - rehabilitation specialists, speech therapists, psychologists, doctors of physiotherapy, acupuncture, trained nurses and medical attendants. Patients enjoy comfortable conditions in double rooms. A feature of the Department of Neurorehabilitation is an individual approach to the formation and implementation of the rehabilitation program of treatment for each patient, and highly qualified and friendly attitude of the staff.

Enter a complex of recovery treatment: 

  • group and individual sessions with physiotherapy instructors
  • mechanotherapy
  • sessions with a psychologist
  • training in the sensory room
  • ART-therapy
  • sessions with a speech therapist for the speech disturbance
  • acupuncture
  • physiotherapy (magnet therapy, laser therapy, electrical stimulation, massage, pearl bath, power shower, etc.)
  • massage
  • hydrokinesitherapy
  • treatment with medications

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