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Gamma Knife at the National Center for Neurosurgery

Gamma Knife at the National Center for Neurosurgery

   In June 2021, our Center started to use a modern complex Leksell Gamma Knife Perfexion from Elekta. Kazakhstan has become the third country in the CIS and the first in Central Asia to have such high-tech equipment.

   About Gamma Knife:

  • Gamma knife is not a knife, but rather a sophisticated system that can be used to replace brain surgery or whole brain radiation in some situations.
  • It uses a single, high dose of gamma radiation delivered via up to 192 individual beams which intersect at a single spot with the accuracy of less than one-tenth of a millimeter.
  • The Gamma Knife procedure does not require the surgeon to make an incision in the scalp, nor an opening in the skull.
  • The operation is one-time, and there is no need to carry out in several stages as with radiation therapy.

     Therefore, today the Gamma Knife is the "gold standard" of radiosurgical treatment. Today, there are about 400 Gamma Knife installations in the world, and half of them are located in the USA and Japan.

    Gamma Knife Treatment:
Gamma Knife is used for tumor lesions, vascular diseases of the brain. When selecting patients for treatment using the Gamma Knife, a certain size of the tumor and vascular lesions of the brain is taken into account. And also, to a certain extent, it is possible to use the Gamma Knife for multiple brain metastases located in vital structures of the brain, without additional surgical risks.

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