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Research articles

1.1. Research work

The research work under the supervision of S.K. Akshulakov on ‘Development and improvement of modern technologies of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of vascular diseases of the brain’ was conducted and successfully completed in the center from 2009 to 2011.

Since 2012, as a part of the budget program 055 ‘Scientific and/or technical activity’ sub-sript 101 ‘Grant funding for research’ has been carried out the research work on ‘The development of standards of surgical treatment of degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the spine depending on the type of damage".

In JSC ‘RSCN’ there functions the department of research management. The purpose of the department of research management is the coordination of research activities of the Company, search for new projects and directions, information and consulting support of new and ongoing research works, study of the contemporary experience of the world medical science, implementation of the results of scientific activity.

The main objectives of the department of research management are:

1) ensuring the Company's competitiveness in the research area;

2) information and advisory assistance in the planning and coordination of research activities of the structural divisions of the Company , JSC ‘National Medical Holding’, the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan , as well as for the AOE ‘Nazarbayev University’;

3) methodological support in improving the efficiency of the innovation activity of the Company based on the monitoring of modern high technologies, providing competitive products and models of new technology.

4) interaction with governmental and non-governmental organizations, international cooperation on research in the field of healthcare;

5) search for extra-budgetary sources of funding of research and providing information and methodological support in obtaining new research scholarships, interaction with its organizers, coordination of the departments and individual employees of the Company as part of the work on projects;

6) provision of conditions for legal protection and commercialization of intellectual property of the Company created as a result of scientific and technological activities of the units and employees of the Company.