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The I Congress of Neurological Surgeons Republic of Kazakhstan with the international participation

First Congress of Neurosurgeons of Kazakhstan with international participation was held in Astana from 22 to 24 July 2009. 

     The congress was attended by prominent scientists and experts of Kazakhstan , as well as from 14 countries - Russia and other CIS countries , USA, Germany , Israel, Switzerland and other countries. 
      Today in Kazakhstan reflects international trends in the development of the neurosurgical service . Historically, such measures to fulfill the mission of the international exchange of experiences and contribute to the formation and further development of medicine. 
Congress program covered almost all major areas of neurosurgery. The main topics of discussion for more than 70 papers will be neurooncology , vascular neurosurgery , severe traumatic brain injury , disease , spinal injury , spinal cord, peripheral nervous system surgery , neuro- psychopharmacology . Also discussed other issues of biomedical ethics , safety of drugs used in neurology and psychiatry , new approaches to the treatment of traumatic and vascular brain damage . 
      Within the Congress held live broadcasts of operating a demonstration operations , trainings and workshops . 
First show teaching a master class came Professor M. Gaab - Head neurosurgical clinic " Nordstadt " German city of Hanover . During the three days of the congress held Professor Gaab unique endoscopic surgery , after which participants will be able to practice the course of endoscopic operations on models . " This kind of training with work on models - a unique opportunity to meet with many neurosurgeons appliances operations , to master a number of endoscopic approaches. 
      In addition, the congress participants the opportunity to compare the results of the basic techniques and their colleagues from other countries. 
Recent advances neurosurgery require constant extensive discussion and formation of common positions in various areas of science and neurosurgical practice. 
      Over the past decade , which is a solution of global scientific organizations was designated as the decade of the brain science , scientists have been able to carry out a major breakthrough in the field of neurosurgery . Biological, biophysical , medical industry were aimed at obtaining comprehensive results in this area. 
      International events of such magnitude as the first Congress of Neurosurgeons Kazakhstan should serve the improvement and development of neurosurgical care to the population of our country.